About Griffinstone and Eric Joseph

Welcome to the Griffinstone website! This site represents the work of artist Eric Joseph. All works are original pieces which I create by hand from raw materials. These pieces are inspired from history and not meant to be historical reproductions. I do, however, strive to work within the artistic style of particular cultures at specific points in history.

Artist Statement

History informs our lives and leads us directly to the here and now. My work is inspired from history. I have been interested in functional and decorative arts of the middle ages and late antiquity. The interaction between the functional object and aesthetic expression has changed since we entered an age of mass production. The disposable quality of the things around us has altered our lives and our relationship with everyday items. I believe that when a person creates something, whether it is purely utilitarian or a nonfunctional work of art, it is imbued with the spirit of that person. I hope to express myself in my work, as well as convey a sense of historical connection.

Ritual Bell - from Artifact Series. This cast bronze bell modeled after bhuddist temple bells weighs 40 pounds. It rings with three distinctive tones depending on where it is struck. 18” x 13”

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