This page represents my most recent work. I have always been fascinated with functional art. The idea that art is something separate from everyday life is a rather modern notion. In ages past everything had to be hand made. When objects are created by hand the maker develops a special relationship with the object. Everyday functional items from the past were decorated with magnificent designs. Indeed, one's social and religious context made its way onto many 'objects'. People from the past did not just make things, they made things to suit their own personal aesthetic. They made things beautiful. I am interested in the intersection between an object's physical and spiritual function.

These pieces are made utilizing a variety of materials and techniques. I find the challenge of harmonizing different materials an exciting one. Each material has its own character and possesses a beauty that would be lost if not handled with care and understanding.

If you are interested in a specific piece ,in a specific style, I am happy to create something new for you. Please contact me for a commission.

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