These pieces are cast cement and suitable for indoor or outdoor use. All pieces are original designs, that is, sculpted by Eric Joseph, based on traditional architectural ornament. They are not one of a kind but cast in multiples from the original mold. The designs are inspired from Medieval and Renaissance Europe. They are based on my understanding of the kind of ornament one might see carved on cathedrals and buildings from 11th to 16th century Europe and are not exact replicas.

How are they made?

I sculpt the original piece in clay. Then a layer of rubber is applied to the surface and allowed to cure. This layer preserves all of the details and fills in any undercuts. Then the piece is covered with a stiff mold, usually made of plaster, to back up the rubber and offer support. The mold is removed and the original model is discarded. Once I have a successful mold I can cast multiple versions of the original model. The mold becomes my permanent copy.

Although I do not number these pieces they are limited to the lifespan of the mold - about 200.


These works are very adaptable. They can be cast as wall plaques and hung from a hook as any framed art is; or they can be cast as 'bricks'. That is, cast with an extension on the back of the mold achieving the thickness of a brick so it can be mortared in with masonry. Sconces can be used as shelf supports or mantlepieces. Sculpting the original piece gives me the advantage of adapting a particular design to my customer's needs. I am happy to do custom work if you are looking for something special.

Please contact me to order from this site or request something new!

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